Braintrace and Law Firms’ Cyber Security: Our DNA

“Law firms are built on reputation management. This means that firms must begin to adapt their technology to protect their data…Cybersecurity firm Mandiant estimated at least 80 of the 100 biggest firms in the country, by revenue, have been hacked since 2011” (ABA Journal, 3/1/17).

Law firms are increasingly targeted in sophisticated and sustained cyber-attacks by international hackers who view the industry as an extremely lucrative and vulnerable market—a veritable goldmine of confidential information including: intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and other sensitive data that can be used for nefarious purposes ranging from insider trading, corporate espionage, political blackmail or for other financial gains.

Without the requirement or oversight of a legal equivalent to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), law firms have been reluctant to implement prohibitively expensive, one-size-fits-all products offered by industry outsiders.

Enter Braintrace.

After founding Orange Legal Technologies, a leading provider of electronic discovery litigation services to law firms and corporations in 1995, Bret Laughlin envisioned an opportunity to leverage 25 years of industry experience to bring enterprise-level cybersecurity to the legal profession at a fraction of the cost of current solutions. In response, he created Braintrace.

The Braintrace team brings this deep knowledge of both industries to the MSSP market, offering 360-degree, best-of-breed protection against cyber intrusions that threaten client privacy and safety, litigation strategy, firm reputation and more.

With a 24/7 state-of-the-art Security Operations Center, Braintrace hosts a suite of vital protective services:

  • Breach Detection—Breach visibility for on-premise and cloud-based data.
  • Incident Response—Deep/dark web search correlates your data to our breach analytics to stop a leak.
  • Deception Services—Custom, patent-pending APPDECOY solution that emulates customers’ applications and services to detect threats to their networks.
  • Breachzero for Relativity—Advanced technology designed to protect data during eDiscovery, when client data is most exposed.
  • Executive Protection—Portable, cloud-based solution protects executives at home or anywhere in the world.
  • Custom Managed Security Services—purpose built security services to protect the crown jewels of your firm, whatever they may be, to help you sleep better at night, knowing they are protected.

LegalSEC Summit by ILTA

Braintrace is excited to be a sponsor of the 2017 LegalSEC Summit at ILTA, June 13-14 in Arlington, VA. Chief Information Security Officer, Dean Sapp, will be speaking about what Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance means for law firms and how to avoid running afoul of state and industry standards.