Braintrace: 2020 Year in Review and 2021 Forecast

Jan 18, 2021 7:03 am ET

This is the time of year is when cybersecurity leaders are finalizing their annual security projects, initiatives, and budgets. Most will assess current risks and anticipate likely threats, but we all know that the only real constant in cybersecurity is its unpredictability. Then layer a global pandemic on top of that, and suddenly we have a near-impossible task of deciding where to request and allocated budgets & resources in 2021. Below is Braintrace’s annual review, trends, outlook, projections & recommendations:

  • Various Attack Trends: Exploits, Social Engineering, Ransomware, Zero-Day, etc… & 2021 Predictions.
  • Validate with Statistics: Ransomware 25% Increase, ~58% pay demands, >50% able to recover their data. Look for this, and more in our report.
  • Cybercriminals streamline attacks with Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), User Behavior Analytics, and Machine Learning. We take a progressive look at these tools on both fronts.
  • Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals and Talent. Read our recommendations on how to keep up with the ever-increasing pace, demands, budgets, and tasks, while remaining secure and preserving our way of life.

If you’d like to consult with us, we would be happy to help answer frequently asked questions like “How can I solve the challenges of today’s security issues?” and “How does that fit that into my existing initiatives, ecosystem, and infrastructure?” These and many other questions can be answered with our specialists experienced in determining a cybersecurity strategy that’s uniquely tailored to your specific, environment, challenges, needs, and initiatives.

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