Braintrace’s Aaron Sherman, Senior Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence interviewed by CBS KUTV Channel 2 News

Braintrace‘s Senior Director of Cyber Threat Intelligence, Aaron Sherman, is joining up with a task force of non-profit groups and law enforcement agencies to provide boots-on-the-ground tactical cyber intelligence to identify and locate victims of child sex trafficking during the Super Bowl. Utah’s KUTV 2News / KMYU visited Braintrace Friday February 1, 2019 to learn about how Braintrace is leveraging its darkweb cyber threat intelligence collection platform to help rescue victims of child sex trafficking.

A Salt Lake City startup, Braintrace Intelligence Cybersecurity, usually focuses on securing companies. But on Super Bowl weekend, they’re using their skills to track down child sex traffickers.

Aaron Sherman is the senior director of cyber threat intelligence for Braintrace. He was invited by police and non-profits in Las Vegas to help conduct a major sting.

“Super Bowl is in Atlanta. Why are we going to Las Vegas? Las Vegas, historically, has been kind of an epicenter for human trafficking,” Sherman said.

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