Risk Management

Risk Management: What is a control?

To understand an organization’s problem, we need to understand how the business is managed.

Map the process to the controls to understand how management knows business is functioning as intended
Look for management of controls to understand impacts to intended business objectives

Email Phishing

How do you protect against phishing attacks

Any organization or individual is a target of a phishing attack. What we know is email is the channel used to get you to click on a link or reply to the email and voila – you are now in the attacker’s web. We want to protect against that phish…

IC3 Complaint Statistics 2014 - 2018

What is Business Email Compromise (BEC)

A BEC attack begins with a cybercriminal hacking email accounts, cybersquatting lookalike domains while making them email capable, and spoofing emails to impersonate your company’s supervisors, CEO, counterparties, or vendors. The email looks auth…

What is Cybersecurity, and why is it needed

What is cybersecurity, and why is it needed

Cybersecurity refers to the body of technologies, processes, and practices designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, malware, or unauthorized access. Cybersecurity is also referred to as IT security.