Malware Attacks That Lead to Ransomware and Data Breaches

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2020 has seen a massive increase in malware attacks leading to ransomware. Many organizations, in various industries, have been the target of these specially crafted attacks. These attacks are well thought out and staged by some notorious syndicates.

Crime syndicates use different trojans and malware for reconnaissance and exfiltration before deploying ransomware. Braintrace continually researches the latest malware threats and consistently discovers new zero-day attacks. Understanding the latest threat landscape is essential to knowing the strategies of these bad actors.  In doing so, it dramatically increases the chance to stop attacks before malware is deployed.

Join us to learn about how these threats are constructed, and how to protect your organization from being impacted by malicious attacks.

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John Limb

John Limb,
CTO at Braintrace