Webinar: Ransomware and Law Firms

Tuesday, August 13th
11:00PM ET, 8:00AM PT

Register at ILTA

Featuring Katherine Riley – Director, Information Security & Compliance – Braintrace

Braintrace will be presenting for ILTA. You can register for this event on the ILTA website using the link provided above.For this educational webinar, learn how to recognize your security vulnerabilities to reduce the likelihood of a security breach resulting in Ransomware. Discover planning areas to prepare your teams and employees on how to respond; should you be compromised. Ransomware is more than just having a database encrypted. It is a security breach that will incur costs for your teams to recover from the security encryption and plug the ex-ploited security vulnerabilities. Ransomware also incurs costs to notify customers, employees, and regulatory agencies re-garding the security breach. And if that was not enough, Ransomware has now placed a fingerprint on your company to disclose on every vendor security risk assessment and due diligence report for years


Katherine Riley